In case you missed my newest embroideries at the Heritage Festival Craft Lab and Design Expo, they’re now at The Ballarat Imaginarium and available for purchase.

A bit about my embroidery –

They are all hand done (sewing machines are not my friend). l use cotton thread and polyester. Embroidery thread comes in six strands, l split it down to the individual threads and use regular sewing cotton to achieve the details. 

I did one embroidery project back in highschool as you do, started an embroidery project about twenty years ago (which I never finished) and then took it up during COVID lockdown. At this point l became addicted to it and did thirteen of them (all but one of these have been sold).  I absolutely love the colours of the thread and enjoy the process of building up the images through loads of layers.

During this time l did a commission of someone’s dog, l’m particularly proud of this one as it was quite a challenge to create a three dimensional look using white within white and the end result is quite photorealistic, something l never thought l’d be able to achieve with thread painting.

(Click the thumbnails below to see full size images)